Ian Woodhouse, who is based at Mott’s offices in Leeds, has become the consultant’s second trainee to have completed PDS.  He was mentored by Leanne Farrow who is also Mott’s new PDS Manager and an active member of the TPP Professional Standards Committee.  Motts have always been strong supporters of the PDS and TPP.

Ian pictured below said that:

“Following the PDS has allowed me to develop my competence in both the technical and generic skills expected of a professional transport planner.

In the short term, completing the PDS will help provide a good foundation for developing and progressing my submission towards the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) qualification and the Chartered title (CTPP).

In the long term, it is good for career progression and I hope to be able to share my knowledge and experience by becoming a mentor to colleagues undertaking the PDS


Ian Woodhouse


Keith Buchan, TPS Skills Director said:

"Best wishes to Ian for his achievement, I was pleased to participate in his final review and I’m sure he has a great future in the profession. It's great news to welcome Ian to the growing community of transport planners who have completed PDS and can now also use the title Incorporated Transport Planner:IncTP



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