TPS was delighted to invite Anne Graham, Transport Planner of the Year 2018, to give the annual lecture after the AGM on 21st March 2019. Anne is CEO of the National Transport Authority in the Republic of Ireland. The NTA is responsible for the provision, regulation and integration of public transport services, the provision of supporting infrastructure for sustainable transport and for driving the greater use of sustainable transport as a mode of choice. In practice this remit ranges is similar to that of many urban transport authorities in the development of major rail transit infrastructure to support sustainable economic growth in the Dublin city region, but also stretches to the most rural parts of Ireland and the governance of , for example, demand-responsive transport solutions in these area. In an engaged Q&A session where comparisons were drawn with UK regional cities, TPS members were keen to learn more about the political and governance arrangements of Dublin’s multi-year transit investment programme, as well as links to land use planning and demand management approaches.

The slides from Anne’s presentation can be found here.



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