Our country desperately needs more homes. But how can we ensure that new housing is built around sustainable transport, not around car use?

About this Event

At present, too many new housing estates lack local facilities, public transport and sometimes even pavements, giving residents little choice but to drive for almost every journey. What needs to change?

Our speakers will talk about how we can build healthy, liveable communities where residents can walk, cycle and use public transport to go about their daily lives:

  • Jenny Raggett and Steve Chambers represent Transport for New Homes, an organisation set up to address the problem of car-dependent new housing.
  • Simon Warburton is Transport Strategy Director at Transport for Greater Manchester.
  • Clare Linton is Policy and Research Advisor at Urban Transport Group.

Our Chair will be Stephen Joseph OBE.

Anyone with a professional, personal or academic interest in transport and planning is invited to come along and join the discussion over a glass of wine and light refreshments.

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