Cycling has been an empowering mode of transport for women all over the world for centuries, representing freedom of movement, independence and even emancipation. A bicycle is a low-cost mode of transport with the potential to unlock access to the labour market, education opportunities as well as health and sport activities. However, there are still considerable gender imbalances in the numbers of people cycling. In Dublin, only 30% of people who cycle are women, and In Ireland, fewer than one in 250 girls cycle to school each day.

This Transport Planning Society event examines female participation in cycling in Ireland, the challenges currently faced and the measures required to overcome these barriers.

Giulia Grigoli of the Dublin Cycling Campaign will present on the findings of the 'Women on Wheels' project, examining current trends in female cycling in Dublin, the factors which are holding women back and the need to deliver more inclusive cycle facilities.

Jane Hackett, National Manager of the Green-Schools Travel Programme, will present on the #andshecycles campaign from Green-Schools Travel, which focuses on encouraging teenage girls to cycle, by challenging the issues faced through video, social media and continued liaison with students.

Dr Lorraine D'Arcy, Technological University Dublin, will present on her involvement in the European Funded H2020 DIAMOND project, which identifies and evaluates specific measures to meet the needs and expectations of women as users of different modes of transport and as workers in the sector.

Venue: NTA Offices, Harcourt Lane, Dun Scéine, Dublin 2

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