Policy 2019


Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission consultation on the Legal Regulation of Autonomous Vehicles
The TPS response highlighted that autonomous vehicles (AV) will be operated in a number of modes depending on the degree of supervision required, ranging from the vehicle being manually driven to a requirement for no supervision (or even a qualified driver on board) when a vehicle operates in its own self-contained and segregated environment. We identified the need for legislation to be tailored to these different operating circumstances. For example, a user-in-charge ready to take over control of a vehicle at any moment would be prohibited from undertaking secondary tasks while a user-in-charge of a vehicle operating in automatic mode over part of its journey on a highway or part of a highway dedicated to such usage would have much more flexibility.  TPS also counselled that the idea of a "driverless'" vehicle operating door-to-door on the public highway in mixed use circumstances is a long way off and that it is premature to legislate fo such use now.
Click here to read the TPS response on the Legal Regulation of Autonomous Vehicles

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