Policy reports for 2016


Submission to the National Infrastructure Commission on Northern cities, including:

  • Maintaining quality and system consistency for public transport across the region if there is to be a real multi-centred “powerhouse” with a common brand
  • Support for revenue as well as capital spending
  • Progressing smart motorways but no major capacity increases until demand management (including a pricing element) is in place for freight vehicles as well as the private car
  • Recognising the complex polycentric nature of the new region – not just joining up everywhere to everywhere
  • Using a “multi-layered” approach looking at different strategic geographies
  • Addressing rail freight needs, especially East/West, and dealing with issues arising from mixing local and long distance passenger services and then adding freight paths to the mix.

Click here for NIC Submission Northern cities

Submission to the National Infrastructure Commission on London, including:

  • Planning for a major increase in affordable housing hand in hand with transport and land use planning
  • Support for revenue as well as capital spending
  • Endorsement for Crossrail 2
  • New funding for transport in London for example from retention of property taxes
  • Need for a revised road user charging scheme including East London in concert with any estuarial crossings (road or rail)
  • Addressing rail freight needs, including expansion outside the London area to avoid national freight flows having to use the London network

Click here for NIC submission London



Submission to Commons Transport Committee All lane running inquiry

Click here for full All lane running response

As well as suggesting improvements to its implementation, TPS expressed concerns over traffic generation and peak contraction, causing problems not only on the motorway network but on feeder and local networks.

Submission on DfT new Value of Travel Time (VTT)

As well as this submission, the Policy Group is engaging further with DfT on this issue and would welcome contact from anyone who is interested in this topic.  The new values are expected to be included in Webtag, and a key part of the submission was that a continuous function for the value of time, with zero value for savings less than a minute, should be used.  The current idea is for three value bands with "cliff edge" changes.

Click here for full VTT response


Submission on National Planning Policy consultation

TPS made its own submission which can be viewed here but has also supported the Smart Growth UK response which can be downloaded here. Further details on the Smart Growth UK coalition can be found here.

Submission on appraisal principles and the Lower Thames Crossing consultation

A short submission relating to key matters of principle in relation to the appraisal methodology and approach was submitted as part of the Highways England consultation and can be viewed here.


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